What's Inside?

Earth to Momma's products are safe for you, safe for your Little, safe for the home, and safe for the planet. No compromises.

Suits your needs

Whether you're a Momma-To-Be looking to provide for yourself or a Momma trying to provide for your Little, we've got you covered. From our online shop to our tailored boxes, there's no worry or hassle - it's simple!


Delivered to you

We know Mommas don't have time for anything outside of what they already have going on. Whether you're prepping for Little One or already have a Little One (or 2 or 3), things get hectic fast. That's why we pack up your order full of love and safe, eco friendly products for you and your Little and send them right to you.


In Case You Needed Another Reason To Switch-

Earth to Momma has a wide variety of items. From natural skincare, to organic cotton clothing, to toys made from recycled plastic, to herbal supplements, to food-grade silicone; the list goes on. Each product is chosen for its safety, eco-friendly aspects, and sustainable qualities. Some of the items provide a meal to children in need, some provide proceeds to help rescue endangered species, and many other great causes. When will you join the cause?

Frequently Asked Questions

How are products chosen?

We choose products for their safety, eco-friendly aspects, and sustainable qualities. Safety - passes CPSIA, ASTM, EN71 standards among other qualities. Eco-Friendly - BPA-free, phthalate-free, lead-free, etc.; certified GOTS, OTCO FSC, or OEKO-TEX. Sustainable - Handmade, upcycled material, biodegradable, reusable, and more. We take product recommendations seriously and will consider adding a product if it meets or exceeds Earth to Momma's standards.

How does it work?

For Subscriptions - Mommas enter their Little Ones details and create an account then we crunch the data to determine which box is best suited. Mommas even have the option of boy or girl styling, and can even choose to receive gender neutral in applicable boxes. Subscriptions are automatically cancelled when Little turns one. For Shopping - Our online shop is full of items for both Mommas and Littles, and styles are ever-changing and unique.

How does pricing work?

Littles boxes are $49.99/month, filled with 5-7 items worth at least $90 in value and amazing quality. We currently only ship within the USA. Visit our shop to see the price range for our individual products.

Subscriptions - Why is my Little Ones clothing a tad large?

We want you to receive as much value as possible in each product, therefore we want them to last longer as well. With Little Ones clothing coming in a little bit larger of a size, they are able to enjoy wearing them a little bit longer.

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