Helping Mommas and Littles get the best they can is what we do

We know that Mommas are busy and can use some help - and we've got you! With products ranging from all-natural skincare, to organic cotton clothing, to developmental toys made from recycled plastic, and so much more, we are committed to finding the best products we can that not only do good for the home, but also for the planet.


Need Another Reason To Switch To Earth To Momma?

When consumers shop eco-consciously, they are sending a message to merchants to create products that are not only better for humans, but better for the planet. We believe in the importance of giving back, and our mission is to make a positive difference to Mommas, Littles, and the Earth. 5% of net proceeds are donated to charities and causes like St. Jude, Save the Children, and more. We're on a mission to make a difference in children's lives everywhere - will you join us?

Meet our team

Brandolyn Ewing

Founder and Chief People Officer.


Quality Experts and Chief Play Officers.


World Changers and Chief Visionaries.

How it all started

Earth to Momma was started to give Mommas and Littles a place to get the safe, quality products they need without hassle while also being able to make a difference.

In the beginning...

When the founder of Earth to Momma almost became a Momma herself, she realized the importance of finding products that were safe for her Little One and safe for the planet. Although she wasn't able to become a Momma just yet, she knew that she wanted to help other Mommas have access to these products.

But with so much research, so little time, and so many products to compare, how are Mommas supposed to know what's right for them? Knowing how hard it was to find these products, our founder took it upon herself to start a company that would make it easier for Mommas. Not only that, but she looked for products from companies that shared the same vision as her - to make a difference in families homes while also making a positive impact on the planet. And voilĂ ! Earth to Momma was born.

Where we are today...

After a year of research and developing ideas, Earth to Momma now has options available to choose from. A monthly box for Little with all the necessities for their first year curated for them and delivered for convenience, or an online shop for Eco Mommas and Littles filled with products with a purpose.

We are honored and humbled to be a part of some of life's most precious moments, and are committed to making Mommas and Littles happy no matter what. We are extremely passionate about what we do, and we want Mommas out there to know that it is not us that is truly making a difference. It is YOU. YOU, by wanting better for you and your Little. YOU, by being compassionate about nature. YOU, by making purchases that support causes that are bigger than one can reach alone.

Are you ready to switch to Earth to Momma yet?

Getting started is easy - Just set up an account and get shopping! We have options for girls and boys, and products come in a variety of colors and styles to suit each Mommas (and Littles) needs!